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How can enterprises leverage one-stop intelligent marketing system to boost campaign performance


Programmatic media buying utilizes data insights and algorithms to send the right content to the right user at the right time through the right channel, and at the right price. With more companies embracing programmatic marketing, systems that not only launch your campaign, but also monitor your campaigns to look for areas of improvement have changed the programmatic ads landscape. Based on the experience of serving more than 2000 brands, iPinYou developed AlphaDesk?, a one-stop intelligent marketing system, to help brands to boost their campaign results. Here we present four key features that help brands effectively boost results and deliver overall advertising efficiency gains of up to 40%.




Media touchpoints integration


With various APPs including social media, newsfeeds and short video, advertisers are under pressure to find a single media that covers all target audiences. Advertisers are facing the difficulty of managing disparate touchpoints. AlphaDesk enables advertisers to manage all media touchpoints in one place, evaluate media effectiveness by performance, and explore the right media mix that attain predefined targets for optimum cost.



Media buying channels integration


As programmatic advertising continues to mature, advertisers have the choice of buying media traffic through various channels. In real campaigns, advertisers may leverage multiple channels including acquiring traffic from hero media publishers directly and signing up for CPC platforms for media buying. However, buying channels can be unified and managed by AlphaDesk through API, which enable brands to control each and every impression they buy in one place.



Data onboarding


When advertisers set about streamlining their branding and performance campaigns, they become aware of their need for data onboarding. For any digital operations, only activated data can be used for conversion optimization. iPinYou’s data onboarding technology allows advertisers to continually recognize and relate to customers with contextually relevant experiences throughout buyer journeys. While maintaining conversation with consumers, AlphaDesk enables advertisers to manage data from offline stores, E-commerce platforms, and brand’s official website and APP, and thus help them generate scalable insights and analysis.



Data assets activation     


Some advertisers have found that, despite having numerus campaign data, they still lack the ability of generating insights. And that can result in a situation where continuous iteration and optimization are not possible, leaving them still far away from true data asset activation. Besides suggesting the right media mix with optimum buying method of each media, AlphaDesk can help advertisers accumulate previous campaign data, and integrate 1st party data as well as third party data. With all parties’ data in your hands, a more comprehensive insight is ready for campaign optimization.


By providing insights on numerous metrics including media, frequency and insightful data owned by brands, AlphaDesk, the one-stop marketing system developed by iPinYou provides advertisers with effective support in formulating their subsequent media and audience strategies.

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