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5 creative moves to drive your programmatic campaign


Programmatic buying has become a hot topic for digital advertisers in China. Programmatic adspend will reach US$98bn in 2020, representing 68% of their expenditure on digital media advertising, predicted by Zenith. Tons of insight articles regarding programmatic tactics and strategies were online. As a leading MarTech solution provider in China, iPinYou has extensive experience in helping brands to maximize their adspend effects. In this article, we present 5 creative moves in our programmatic endeavors in the past 12 years.



Use a variety of programmatic buying options


Often optimizer will leverage on PDB cross-media joint control to reach as many TA as possible, and adding new UVs and frequency coverage by PD/RTB targeting strategies. Moreover, with our algorithms, we also help brands intelligently exchange UVs among various sub-brands to ensure each one make best use of the overall audience. This tactic has proven to effectively increase UV impressions while decreasing CPUV cost.



LBS + Footprint technology


Thanks to our partnership with Amap Big Data (AutoNavi), an APP with most complete human-land relationship analysis, we are able to guide offline and online marketing strategies. Based on demographics and offline location data, offline customers who are in the area will be reached, and regular customers who are currently outside of LBS’ target area will be retargeted by iPinYou retargeting strategies. Thus, all core customers were covered and directed to bricks and mortar stores.



Implement weather-dynamic creative templates.


iPinYou use an audience scoring model alongside weather location technology to trigger different creatives based on different temperatures. we combine weather location data with weather-dynamic creative templates to promote seasonally relevant products by region. For instance, if the temperature in Shanghai reached 30°C, creatives of refrigerator or air conditioner with nearest offline store location will be delivered to audiences.



Customized ad creative in real-time for contextual relevance


During the sporting events, fans were a huge market because of events’ strong influence on purchasing decisions. For instance, during World Cup marketing campaign, iPinYou practiced contextual advertising based on real-time result news and discussion points. To get the right messaging for multiple brands, iPinYou generated real-time creative based on each day’s match results. It used AI technology to optimize creative based on context, and more effectively activate fans of each national team. iPinYou also bought in-feed native formats across news and sports channels, customizing ad delivery based on the hot topic of each game.


Dynamic creative + AR technology


iPinYou utilized augmented reality (AR) technology, which superimposes an image onto a user’s view of the real world and enhances it with sound, touch and even smell to enhance TA engagement rate in a programmatic campaign for a leading FMCG client. We delivered brand spokesperson fans, brand fans and game fans an AR-enabled mini-program game, where they can win cookies by playing games.


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