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Strategic Collaboration with 3rd Party Data Providers


Over the years, iPinYou has formed strategic partnerships with most of the leading data providers in China. By integrating multiple 3rd party data sources and using iPinYou’s data onboarding technology, we help companies maximize their data capabilities and drive better decision-making.


2015: China Mobile invested in iPinYou, and established strategic data corporation

2015: Asianinfo and iPinYou formed JV to maximize usage of China Unicom and China Telecom data

2017: Formed strategic alliances with LiveRamp for data onboarding

2018: Formed alliances with JD Cloud to empower further brand marketing   

2019: Formed iPinYou’s Data Ecosystem Alliance

How Does Our Data Partners Can Help Your Business

Telecommunication Operator Big Data - Data from Three Major Operators + Exclusive Algorithms to Help Advertisers Fully Understand Users

Amap Big Data (AutoNavi) - The Most Complete Human-land Relationship Analysis to Guide Offline and Online Marketing Strategies

China UnionPay Big Data - Complete User Portrait Based on User's Consumption Behavior to Accurately Target TA Crowd

JD Big Data - Help Advertisers Open Up the Front and Back Links, Optimize Advertising Around Business Goals

Baidu Search Data - Targeting the TA Crowd to Optimize Delivery Based on User Search Preferences

Liveramp Big Data & OTT Big Data- Multi-dimensional Data Connection Helps Advertisers Lock TA for Delivery Optimization

iPinYou’s Data Ecosystem Alliance

With leading data partners such as China Broadcasting Network Corporation and China Mobile, iPinYou’s Data Ecosystem Alliance was founded on August 28th 2019 in Shanghai. Our data partner representatives from various industries joined the Signing Ceremony:


1. Cable television: China Broadcasting Network Corporation Ltd.

2. Telecommunication Operator: China Mobile Communication Group Guangdong Co. Ltd.

3. JDCloud.com

4. E-commerce: Yunji

5. Elevator Advertising: Focus Media Information Technology Co. Ltd.

6. Subway Advertising: Shanghai Shentong JCDecaux Metro Advertising Co. Ltd

7. Artificial Intelligence: SenseTime

8. Ominichannel Consumer Data: LiveRamp Holdings Inc

9. Household Intelligent Large Screen: GozenData

10. OTT: Kuyun Interactive Technology Limited



Research Firm Endorsement

As a market leader, iPinYou has attracted a great deal of attention as a result of its audience measurement database and Data Ecosystem Alliance. iPinYou’s products are also accredited by Forrester, one of the most influential research and advisory firms in the world. In their “The Forrester Wave?: Data Management Platforms In Asia Pacific, Q3 2019” report, iPinYou was chosen as one of the three Chinese DMP providers that matter most in APAC. More importantly, iPinYou was rated the leading DMP provider in the “Strong Performer” quadrant and gained the highest score among Chinese DMP providers in its product strategy index.


The following is a quote about us in“The Forrester Wave?: Data Management Platforms In Asia Pacific, Q3 2019” 

"iPinYou addresses marketers’ China-specific challenges with a first-party DMP. iPinYou is a Chinese DMP vendor that focuses primarily on China. The vendor started its adtech business with a demand-side platform (DSP) and then expanded to a marketing cloud. iPinYou has offered DMP as a standalone product for three years. As part of iPinYou’s marketing cloud, iPinYou DMP — positioned as a first-party DMP — mainly manages customers’ first-party data while connecting with third-party data ecosystems. It serves both multinational companies and local Chinese customers across industries, covering use cases from improving media-buying efficiency to data-driven decisions.

iPinYou demonstrates strong data management capabilities. Data onboarding, segmentation, and syndication are above par, and its product vision and execution are competitive. iPinYou DMP is well-integrated with global and local marketing ecosystems. Reference customers appreciated iPinYou’s partnership in terms of its deep understanding of local business, ease of communication, and practical experience in relevant industries but expected to see more customization, such as industry-specific features, in the product. iPinYou is suited to marketers who want to manage and activate their first-party data to inform data-driven decisions in China."

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